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Yeti Passion Five Sovepose M, navy (2019)

ID: 920820
4.909 kr.
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En dansk tekst om denne vare er desværre ikke tilgængelig på dette tidspunkt.

Passion Five is the warmest version of the light Passion collection from Yeti. It still has all the characteristics of a light sleeping bag, but offers protection against extreme cold due to a higher down filling. The filling is the highest quality goose down on the European market and the very soft and down-proof fabric makes the Passion Five extremely soft and comfortable. You choose the Passion Five if you want to reduce the weight of the down and the pack size to a minimum, but at the same time need solid protection against the cold.

Crystal Down
Energetically, geese and ducks are the most efficient combined heat and power plants of all time. Thousands and thousands of super-soft filaments, consisting of the horn substance keratin, grow radially from a tiny core. Each of these filaments is provided with innumerable fibre ramifications. If many down come together, they stick together with their hooks and form many small heat-storing air chambers. A natural system that is lighter, more flexible and better insulated than anything man has ever invented. Yeti goose down achieves the highest possible bulking power of up to 900 cubic inches (cubic inches). Yeti exclusively uses European down, mainly from Germany and Poland. Every single down complies with the EDFA Traceability Standard.

Next to Nothing
The secret of the extremely low weight lies in the ultra-thin yarn, the diameter of which is only a fraction of that of a human hair. A normal Yeti jacket requires more than 1,000 kilometres of it. Nevertheless, the fabric is both durable and tear-resistant, as well as light and airy. While the original fabric was a mixture of 7d and 10d yarns, the next generation is made exclusively of 7d yarns. This leads to a further weight reduction of 20 %. The total weight per square meter is now only 20 grams - as much as a quarter page of a normal 80 gram printing paper.


  • YKK-RV over the entire length of the sleeping bag
  • H-kammer-konstruktion
  • Breathable and water-repellent fabric
  • Ultra-compact packable
  • fineste dunkvalitet
  • Komfortabelt snit og stor åbning
  • 3D termokrave
  • Hætte med justerbar snøre
3-sæson sovepose  
Kategori: Dunsovepose
Form: Mumieform
Komforttemperatur (°C): -2 °C
Begrænset temperatur: -7 °C
Ekstrem temperatur: -25 °C
Yderstof: Next to Nothing
Yderstof belægning: 100 % Nylon
Foring: Next to Nothing
Lining belægning: 100 % Nylon
Fyld:: Gåsedun
Fyldning: Crystal Down
Detaljer: Fri for tekstiler af animalsk oprindelse
Dunblanding (dun/fjer)
95 / 5  
Fyldkraft (cuin)
800 cuin  cuin
sovepose: 700  g
Sovepose (L x B1 x B2): 210 x 75 x 52 cm
Pakkemål (L x B): 37 x 14 cm
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