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VDO M6.1 WL Cykelcomputer (2019)

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The M6.1 from VDO measures the altitude precisely and permanently displays the current altitude value. Everything is possible, from extensive storage of tours to wireless transmission of speed values and even modular transmission of pulse and cadence data. The 3-channel digital radio includes multifunctionality on request: The VDO M6.1 is optionally expandable with a cadence and/or heart rate transmitter. The complete package shows three values simultaneously in the display and thus informs exactly what is required of the body at the moment. The M6.1 can be connected and adjusted to the PC using the new docking station. The data of the tours ridden can then be evaluated by the new VDO software. The data is transferred in the popular .fit format and can therefore also be shared on social platforms such as Facebook, Strava and the like.

Speed comparison
above or below average? The M6.1 can display more than just the unit of speed (km/h or mp/h): The direct comparison between current and average speed is drawn. A quick assignment of the values is quite easy with clear indicator arrows.

Battery warning
All models of the M-Series consistently inform the user about the battery status. As soon as the performance becomes critical, a prominent message about the weak status of the battery appears in the display. The data and settings are never lost when the battery is changed, as they are always stored automatically and reliably by the device beforehand.

Always in the optimum range: If the pulse option is active, the VDO M5 offers three training zones FIT, FAT and OWN. Simply enter the personal pulse maximum value (HF Max) and the FIT and FAT zones define themselves. The FIT zone is between 70 and 80 percent of this maximum frequency and the FAT zone between 55 and 70 percent. The OWN zone is stored in the personal data. Three zones for effective training, individually selectable. Calorie consumption display. The pulse frequency transmitter kit is required to use the pulse function.

The M6.1 can also display your cadence. (A cadence transmitter is required for this function.)

Clear view
A lot of function needs a lot of overview and clear structures: The display field has clearly defined areas, space for the output of the respective function values including descriptive full text. Efficient distribution on illuminated display and thus a lot of information at a glance.

measurement Thanks to its precise barometric measurement function, the VDO M4.1 displays the most important altitude functions. Starting with the current altitude, through the maximum gradient to the annual altitude metres. In addition, the altitude information of each current tour can be called up at the touch of a button.


  • Cadence option: with cadence transmitter kit M5/M6 the current, average and maximum cadence is measured
  • Pulse and calorie display with activated pulse option with pulse frequency transmitter kit M5/M6
  • Low battery warning for computer and transmitter
  • hastighedsanvisninger i 0,2 km/mph-intervaller
  • 2 wheel sizes adjustable, separate data memory for each wheel
  • automatic pairing and automatic wheel recognition
  • Display-sovefunktion efter 5 minutters pause
  • second distance counter programmable
  • Gem data ved batteriskift
  • auto-start/stop
  • Twist-Click-holder til montering på styr eller frempind
Vigtige funktioner
Med højdemåler, Med PC-interface, Med omdrejningstæller
cykelcomputer, styrholder, hastighedssender m. Batteri  
Digital, Trådløs
Strømkilde: Batteri  
Kilometerfunktion: Kilometer pr. tur, pr. dag og i alt, Samlet kilometerantal, Kilometer pr. dag og samlet distance, Kilometer pr. dag og samlet distance
Speed-funktioner: Aktuel, gennemsnitlig og maksimal hastighed km/t km/h, Gennemsnitlig hastighed km/h, Maksimal hastighed km/h, Sammenligning af faktisk hastighed og gennemsnitlig hastighed
Tidsfunktion: Tid og dato, Samlet køretid, Køretid (automatisk start/stop), samlet køretid
Højdemålerfunktion: Aktuel fart, Gennemsnitlig fart, Max. & min. højdemeter, Stigning i %, Aktuel stigning, Aktuel, gennemsnitlig og maksimal stigning, Daglig højde, gennemsnitlige gradient
Indikator for batteriniveau, Temperaturvisning, Start/stop-funktion, Lysfunktion, 2 programmerbare cykelindstillinger
1 bedømmelser
5 stjerner
4 stjerner
3 stjerner
2 stjerner
1 stjerne
Vdo M6. 1
Vdo M6. 1
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