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Speedplay Syzr Pedalsæt Cr-Mo (2020)

ID: 481251
1.329 kr.
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Designed for riders who are dissatisfied with traditional MTB pedals and want more than just a basic connection, the Speedplay SYZR is the result of Speedplay's effort to develop the ultimate, made-to-go-anywhere clipless pedal system. Until now, cyclists could only choose between road or MTB clipless pedals. Road pedals offer the stable platform and power efficiency riders want, but they don't work in mud.

Off-road pedals are made for mud and walking, but their inferior connection is wobbly and wastes power. To eliminate the problem of wasted power, the SYZR uses a 4-point contact, cinched together by downforce, to create a rock-solid connection not found in any other MTB system. The SYZR combines a stable connection, previously found only in road pedals, with the functionality of an MTB pedal to deliver optimal efficiency on any surface. SYZRs provide all of the convenience of recessed-cleats without the wobbly connection and power-wasting performance compromise of traditional MTB pedals.

Sadly, traditional MTB pedal designs all suffer from the same performance drawback. For MTB shoes to provide traction when walking, the pedal ends up contacting the spongy tread of the shoe. As a result, these MTB systems transfer power through the rubbery tread instead of through the cleat like a road pedal. This causes a considerable amount of energy to be lost due to sole compression during power transfer. Even when these pedal systems are paired with a stiff carbon-sole shoe, power is still wasted with every pedal stroke. Purpose-built to bring Speedplay's race-proven performance to off-road pedals, the SYZR packages the most technically advanced features into a high-quality, lightweight pedal system that's perfect wherever adventure takes you.


  • 1 needle bearing, 2 industrial bearings
  • 0-10 degree freedom of movement, access from both sides
  • The SYZR is the first pedal system that transfers the power directly through the cleat to the pedal and not, as usual, through the rubberised shoe sole.
  • An individually adjustable float integrated in the cleat allows natural freedom of movement.
  • the integrated float mechanism and the permanent connection between pedal and cleat prevents the usual wear due to abrasion
  • The Syzr pedal uses the cleat and the so-called "stabiliser wings" to stabilise the foot, thus there is no direct connection between shoe and pedal body. Advantage: no annoying noises, no shaking and no wear and tear on the shoe
  • the larger pedal platform allows for better cleat contact
  • As usual with Speedplay, the Syzr pedal can also be adjusted to the individually perfect position (Q-factor, leg length), whereby the left and right pedals can be adjusted independently of each other.
Tilsigtet brug
MTB, Racercykel
Kompabilitet: Speedplay  
Vægt pr. par
338  g
2 pedals incl. cleats  
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