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BoXXer Ultimate RC2 Affjedringsgaffel 27,5 "Disc 1 1/8" 36mm Offset 20x110mm

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RockShox BoXXer Ultimate RC2 Affjedringsgaffel 27,5 "Disc 1 1/8" 36mm Offset 20x110mm

When the BoXXer appeared more than 20 years ago, it changed the downhill scene. With the new Charger 2.1 damping, she brings unrivaled control to the race tracks of the world. New, ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals and race-proven Maxima Plush damping fluid reduce internal friction, provide a whisper-quiet fork and help you get consistent suspension performance from the start to the hot seat.

With the help of bottomless spacers, riders can adjust the air suspension performance of their RockShox suspension fork to suit their riding style and preferred suspension. The easy-to-install bottomless spacers change the air suspension characteristic to prevent the shock from bottoming out after a big bump. Aggressive riders can thus attack more strongly on a track. Removing the bottomless spacers results in a more linear air suspension curve, which increases the damping in certain types of terrain or track conditions and ensures that less aggressive drivers can use 100% of the suspension travel.

It's okay to be soft. DebonAir is not ashamed to give in at the slightest vibration. In fact, it makes Monarch and Monarch Plus shocks softer than ever before. You may think of this as weakness until you get on the track with DebonAir. There will be a seamless connection between your bike and the terrain because your DebonAir-equipped shock absorbs every single blow without affecting your body. With such soft shots, you can go full throttle even more.

SAG Gradients
If you don't adjust your damping properly, you might as well be riding someone else's bike. But why waste plastic clips or rulers to adjust the suspension again and again? These damping markings are printed directly on the fork stanchions and the shock housing for easy and exact adjustment of the perfect suspension. So you can give the plastic clip and ruler back to your mother.

BOOST is a new wheel and drive specification that offers improved frame geometry with shorter chainstays, wider and harder suspension, a greater number of chainring options, more room for wider tires and increased wheel stiffness and strength.

Maxima PUSH Fluid
The best suspension needs the best oil. Developed with the fastest riders and on the toughest tracks in the world: Maxima Plush is made to reduce suspension wear, friction and damper noise and to feel the same at all temperatures.

SKF wiper seals
Minimize friction! Keep dirt out! Everyone likes good teamwork! So does RockShox, which is why they have been working with SKF, the manufacturer of the world's best seals, for five years. Together, RockShox can offer ultra-low friction wiper seals, for less arm pumping and an unparalleled suspension feel, while keeping dirt where it belongs. Not in RockShoxen forks!


  • minimum size of the brake discs: 200 mm
  • minimum size of the brake discs: 220 mm
  • maximum tyre width: 81 mm
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Tilsigtet brug
Justerbar rebound, Justerbart trykniveau
Hjulstørrelse (tommer): 27,5Diameter - gaffelskaft (tommer): 1 1/8Aksetype: StikakseAkse diameter: 20Installation bredde akse: 110 mmFjedervej (mm): 200 mm
Type: Olie/luft
Bremsetype: Disc (Post Mount)
Standrør: AluminiumStigrør: MagnesiumGaffelakse: Aluminium
2565 g


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