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Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes Dean Fast, black (2020)

ID: 1199746
49.839 kr.
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The Dean is the ultimate speed machine that lets you take off from the launch pad or fly out of the transition zone. Every detail has been designed to reduce turbulence to a minimum. To help you get the most out of your body, comfort has also been meticulously worked on. From its teardrop-shaped F-Surface Plus tube set and sophisticated paint structure to the high-tech system integration that extends from the fully adjustable aero cockpit to the seatpost.

But what we are particularly proud of are the dropouts. We have chosen conventional racing bike dropouts front and rear, which can easily be exchanged for other dropouts of various sizes. So you can easily change tyre sizes while your rear wheel is always nicely hidden behind the seat tube. Another advantage of the standard road bike dropouts is that you can easily remove the rear wheel when you put it in a bicycle case or in your car.

Both the cockpit and the saddle are fully adjustable, so you can easily find your ideal seating position. The cables have Ridley laid completely inside to further reduce the Dean's drag. The cables are so easy to lay that replacing them and maintaining them is a breeze.

The Dean FAST is the fastest bike in the entire Ridley range. With its integrated FAST technologies it cuts the wind in a perfect way. These include the F-Split Fork, F-Surface Plus (on seatpost, down tube and spacers under extensions and armrests) and the F-Brakes, which are fully integrated into the fork. To get the last bit of aerodynamics out, its cockpit is completely integrated into the top tube.

Complete adjustability of the cockpit and saddle position, allowing you to ride comfortably for long periods in an ideal aero position. The armrests and extensions are completely independent of each other, so you can adjust your seat position optimally. You can also add or remove spacers to change your arm angles in aero position. The completely internally routed cables and the integrated seat clamp are further trump cards for tricking the wind. 

The Ridley F-Brake is completely integrated into the fork. Therefore it is made of 100% carbon - not even a metal spring is used! It gives your bike an all-in-one look and reduces the weight on top of that. Most importantly, it gives you an aerodynamic advantage of more than 2% because it is completely protected from the wind. With fewer moving parts, it also requires less maintenance. But be warned ... Because it is really something special, all eyes will be on your bike when it is parked in front of the café after the ride.

F-Split Fork
The innovative F-Split Fork counteracts turbulence generated by the rotating impellers. This is achieved by directing the airflow optimally through the gap, down the fork blades and away from the spokes. Less air friction means more speed!

F-Surface Plus
F-Surface Plus technology is designed to let you convert the same watts into higher speed. The Noah and Dean models are equipped with this technology. It involves creating a textured surface (similar to the "dents" on a golf ball) in strategic locations to reduce drag. These "dents" create a tiny turbulence that causes the main airflow to better follow the shape of the pipe. The airflow passes smoothly around the frame, allowing you to cut the wind in the best possible way. The stronger the wind, the more intensely you feel this technology supporting you.

F-Tubing is the drop-shaped tube set that significantly minimizes air resistance. By shaping the tubes in this way, air simply flows along the tube. To further minimize the weight of the tubes and thus increase the speed per watt, they cut the drop shape bluntly at the exact point where the air stream leaves the tube. This technology reduces air resistance by a whopping 4.03% at 50 km/h.

Ridley make the highest demands on themselves. That starts with the selection of raw materials. They only use the best quality carbon material available from Toray. Toray is the world's leading carbon manufacturer and mainly supplies the aerospace industry. The grades of high stiffness carbon we use vary from the most flexible 24K fabric, which gives the frame flexibility and comfort, to the 60K fabric, the stiffest Ridley uses.

When developing carbon products, they work strictly according to the principle "form follows function", right down to the last detail. When Ridley designs a frame, they first analyze the exact function it must perform - how it will be used, how it will feel in every possible situation. Then they design the shape of the frame, paying attention to the precise curves, lines and varying thicknesses of each tube. Finally comes the carbon scrim. Combining the carbon qualities to achieve the right feel of the bike is like putting together the most complicated 3D puzzle. This usually involves hundreds of carbon pieces that are put together in several dozen layers.

Once this puzzle is complete, you'll have a piece that's perfectly suited to its future task. Every one of Ridley's carbon bikes is an example of this extreme attention to detail.

Tilsigtet brug
Samlet antal gear
8.49  kg
Pedaler medfølger: nej  
Materialetype: Carbon
Design: Triathlon
Design: Stiv gaffel
Mærke: Ridley
Materiale: Carbon-Carbon
Drevtype: Derailleur
Antal gear: 12
Mærke: Shimano
Type: Ultegra Di2
Version: 2-speed  
Model: Shimano Ultegra Di2  
Gearhjul 1: 52 tænder
Gearhjul 2: 36 tænder
Kombination (tænder): 11 -30 tænder
Bremsesystem: Fælgbremse  
Mærke: Shimano
Bremsesystem: Fælgbremse
Størrelse (i tommer): 28
Dækbredde: 25 mm
Størrelse (i tommer): 28
Dækbredde: 25 mm
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