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Cycl-e DT Clincherdæk 28x2.00", sort

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  • 50-622 | 28x2,00"
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    50-622 | 28x2,00"
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Pirelli Cycl-e DT Clincherdæk 28x2.00", sort

Only a few weeks after the market launch of the Cinturato, the new tubeless tyre for Granfondo on the road and light gravel, Pirelli is expanding its wide range of tyres with another family of products dedicated to cycling.

The Italian company has a long tradition of developing innovative solutions to promote sustainable mobility. Of course, a bicycle tyre collection for e-bikes could not be missing, not least because e-mobility is becoming increasingly important in urban areas.

The Cylc-E DT is dedicated above all to urban use, where smoothness, maximum grip on any surface and uncompromising reliability are essential characteristics.

Compound Cap & Base
The Cycl-e tread range consists of two layers: a "cap" compound that comes into contact with the asphalt and a "base" compound to prevent damage to the tyre. The first guarantees unprecedented driving safety on this type of tyre. The result: driving safety, comfort and, above all, easy handling in dry and wet conditions and on various road surfaces (e.g. pavements, pedestrian crossings, etc.), with the precision typical of Pirelli high-performance tyres.

The "base" compound, on the other hand, is designed to prevent dirt and foreign bodies from damaging the outside. Thanks to its considerable strength, it not only forms a physical barrier, but also has a mechanism that absorbs sharp objects, leaving the tyre undamaged.

Tyre Crumbs
Precisely because Pirelli is committed to sustainable mobility, Cycl-e tires are made from a compound that contains rubber granules: Used tires from the automotive sector are processed into rubber powder, then selected, retreaded and finally processed in the polymer matrix. In addition, as much natural rubber as possible is used for the production of
to use.

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Tilsigtet brug
Trekking, Bike Travel, Pendler, Livsstil/Bycykel, Hverdag, Pendling, Lifestyle / Single Speed, Urban Sports, Hybrid
Designet til elcykler
E-Bike ready
producentanbefaling op til 25 km/t
1180 g
Reflective stripes
Dækstørrelse " (diameter x bredde): 28x2,00"Dækstørrelse ETRTO (bredde x diameter):: 50 - 622Design: Kanttrådsdæk
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