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Whey Isolate 100 Drik 450g, Blackberry/Raspberry

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  • Blackberry/Raspberry
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Nutrixxion Whey Isolate 100 Drik 450g, Blackberry/Raspberry

Women in particular still take a very reserved attitude when it comes to protein, as they still have the muscle-packed fitness amazon in mind when it comes to protein. However, this fear is unfounded - on the contrary, especially in the context of weight reduction, care should be taken to ensure that sufficient protein is supplied. After all, every diet is basically a deficient diet and as a consequence, a lack of protein is a consequence. It is particularly important in a diet that the muscles are maintained and fat is burned instead. Protein is also an important catalyst for fat burning.

The NUTRIXXION Whey Isolate 100 is a high quality whey protein isolate with a very high content of arginine and vitamin B12, B1, B2, B6 and C. In addition to the use in sports, NUTRIXXION Whey Isolate 100 can also be used optimally supporting weight management. A shake shortly before bedtime works wonders. Proteins are essential building blocks for building and maintaining muscles. The reference value for the daily protein intake is for a normal-weight, adult person. Sports activities increase the protein requirement, which makes it more difficult for the body to generate the demand from the daily diet.

Nutrixxion Whey Isolate 100 has a wide range of applications. Classically used after weight training, for regeneration after an intensive endurance performance or also as a support in the context of a diet. In the field of weight management, for example, the meal in the evening can be easily replaced by a shake.

Every athlete for whom regeneration or muscle building is an issue should not do without protein shakes. But also for all those who want to reduce their weight and avoid carbohydrates as far as possible, Whey Isolate 100 is the perfect supplement to a balanced diet.


  • High-quality whey protein isolate
  • Very soluble (in milk and/or water)
  • High arginine content
  • Reduced sugar & low fat


Tilsigtet brug
MTB-begynder/Tour, Maraton/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Downhill/Freeride, Allround / Begynder, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro, Dirt, BMX, Racer, Cyclocross, Gravel, Aero, Endurance, Triathlon, Fitnesscenter, Swimrun, Trailløb, Løb
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efter sport
Leveringsomfang: 450 g Nutrixxion Whey isolate 100 Drink Blackberry/Raspberry


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