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Rapid Red 3 DB Gravel Wheel Set 28" 12x100/12x142mm HG 8-11-speed Disc TLR, sort

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Fulcrum Rapid Red 3 DB Gravel Wheel Set 28" 12x100/12x142mm HG 8-11-speed Disc TLR, sort

On the road along the B-roads, on hidden and little-used asphalt roads or off-road, with a bike with curved handlebars and wide tyres - this is what Fulcrum knows best.

The new Rapid Red 3 DB wheelset is particularly well suited to rides on varying terrain and has been designed from scratch. It is made entirely of aluminium and features a weight-saving CNC-machined rim, with a 24 mm jaw width that fits perfectly with more modern frames with plenty of air for tyre clearance.

The renowned 2-Way Fit Ready construction allows the mounting of both a tubeless tyre and a clincher tyre, ensuring maximum compatibility with the different types of tyres available on the market. The freedom to choose between 700C (from a width of 30 mm) and 29" diameters completes the versatile range. The right balance between the size of the wheel and the type of tyre makes this wheel model incredibly fast on asphalt or unstoppable on difficult gravel tracks: it belongs to the ASTM 2 category wheels.

The moment the rider pedals at full power, the rotation of the sprocket set causes the spokes on the freewheel to give way, resulting in a loss of tension in the rim. This causes excessive bending of the whole and this inevitably means a loss of energy. 
Fulcrum has solved this classic problem in cycling with its patent 2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio, i.e. by doubling the number of spokes in the critical areas.

RDB Rim Dynamic Balance
The concept is simple and ingenious: balance the mass of the rim joint with a mass of equal value positioned exactly opposite.

Wide Rim Tech
The Fulcrum R+D department, following the wishes of the racing teams, worked to create rims with a greater width in relation to the past, starting from about 4 mm more than the previous ones.
This technical choice makes it possible to offer the ideal support base for 25/28 mm tyres, the preferred sizes today. In this way, stability, optimal handling and high comfort are guaranteed.

Cup & Cone
The cup & cone bearing differs from the classic cartridge bearings in that it works in perfect alignment with the corresponding forces, weight and thrusts coming from the frame, since the balls run on a groove positioned in direct opposition to these forces.


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Tilsigtet brug
Forhjul 12x100, Baghjul 12x142
Materiale: AluminiumDesign: Hollow chamberProfilhøjde: lav (< 30mm)Højde: 24mmdæktype: Trådkantsdæk/ClincherBremsesystem: SkivebremseTubeless-egnet: jaBredde: 29 mmindvendig bredde: 24 mmStørrelse (i tommer): 28 tommerETRTO (Bredde x Diameter): 24-622
Installationsbredde (mm): 100 mmAksediameter - foran (mm): 12 mm mmAntal eger: 24Materiale: AluminiumType: Oversize flangeEgenskaber: Til stikakse, kuglelejer
Type: Oversize flangeMateriale: AluminiumInstallation bredde: 142 mmAkse diameter: 12 mmTandhjuls type: Shimano/SRAM 8/11 gearAntal eger: 24Egenskaber: Til stikakse, kuglelejer
Materiale: Stainless steel - double strengthLacing: Rounded, straight head
konstrueret til Bremsetype: Center Lock-skivebremser
konstrueret til Bremsetype: Center Lock-skivebremser
Totalvægt: 1740 gMaks. totalbelastning: 120 kg
Leveringsomfang: Includes HH15 adapter, tubeless rim tape and valves, DRP kit


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