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Fulcrum Racing 5 DB Hjulsæt 28" 2-Way Fit Shimano CL, black/white

ID: 707216
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The Racing 5 DB is a road bike wheel that pays attention to substance. And it really has a lot to offer thanks to a number of technically valuable choices that make it a model for versatility. This aluminium wheel set is based on a solid foundation and has been updated with the latest trends: The 17C rim bed fits perfectly with 25 mm clincher tyres. The asymmetric, low profile makes it agile, dynamic and easy to steer. In addition to the asymmetry that’s important for balancing the forces coming from the hubs, brake discs and sprocket set, these aluminium wheels have been given a straight-head spoke structure that increases stiffness - and thus responsiveness and power transmission.

Anti-Rotation System
This new system takes the concept of the storage system to a new level of performance. Fulcrum's engineers have redesigned the spokes and hub housings to create a strong and solid unit.
This way, the spokes:

a) never lose their initial tension and the wheel remains perfectly responsive and centered, and
b) remain in the position developed in the wind tunnel to ensure the best possible aerodynamics.

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% HANDMADE QUALITY
Fulcrum has been characterized by a continuous approach since its inception: planning, prototype development and industrialization of all wheels with the red "F". Each individual wheel component, the materials selected and the technologies used are the tangible result of Fulcrum's daily efforts to offer you maximum performance and reliability.

AFS Axle System
The Axial Fixing System has been developed by Fulcrum to fix the disc brake to the hub. The limitation caused by the impact area of the release mechanism, which is greater than that of the known mechanism, makes it possible to achieve greater structural rigidity and thus more precise and powerful braking.

Disc Specific Rim
Fulcrum is one of the main wheel manufacturers on the market, offering two completely different rim profiles between disc brake and conventional brake. So no adaptation, but a newly designed rim, based on years of design experience. Since no brake surface was required, Fulcrum's R&D department designed a completely new profile to save every gram of weight and improve aerodynamic efficiency. The larger width makes a perfect combination with 25/28 mm or more tyres possible.

2Way - Fit Ready (Road)
The following Fulcrum Road My 2018 wheels

Racing 4 DB
Racing 5 DB
Racing 6 DB
Racing 7 DB

As well as the following original equipment bicycle wheels (with custom colours):

Racing 400 DB
Racing 500 DB
Racing 600 DB
Racing 700 DB

Can be converted to 2-Way Fit Ready. Only Schwalbe Pro One's Tubeless Easy (TL-Easy) tyres have been tested and approved for conversion of Fulcrum Road 2-Way Fit Ready rims. Any other Tubeless and Tubeless Ready tyre type is prohibited.

Tilsigtet brug
Forhjul 12x100 mm, Baghjul 12x142 mm
Materiale: Aluminium
Design: Hollow chamber
Profilhøjde: lav (< 30mm)
Højde: 26
dæktype: Trådkantsdæk/Clincher
Bremsesystem: Skivebremse
Ventilboring: 6,5 mm mm
Bredde: 21.8 mm
indvendig bredde: 17 mm
Størrelse (i tommer): 28 tommer
ETRTO (Bredde x Diameter): 17 - 622 mm
Installationsbredde (mm): 100 mm
Aksediameter - foran (mm): 12 mm mm
Antal eger: 24
Materiale: Aluminium hub body with aluminium flanks
Egenskaber: lukket, kuglelejer
Materiale: Aluminium hub body with aluminium flanks
Installation bredde: 142 mm
Akse diameter: 12 mm
Tandhjuls type: Shimano / SRAM 11-speed Cassette
Antal eger: 24
Egenskaber: lukket, kuglelejer
Materiale: Rustfrit stål
Design: Rund profil, Straight Pull
Lacing: Front wheel: 16 left + 8 right, rear wheel: 8 left + 16 right
konstrueret til Bremsetype: Center Lock-skivebremser  
konstrueret til Bremsetype: Center Lock-skivebremser  
Totalvægt: 1610 g
Maks. totalbelastning: 109 kg
1 Fulcrum Racing 5 DB C17 LRS Road 28" 2 Way Fit Shimano CL incl. HH15 and quick release adapter, HH12/135 and quick release adapter, without quick release  
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