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PRC 1100 Dicut Rear Wheel 28" Disc CL 142/12mm TA 18mm Shimano 11-speed Light, grå

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DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut Rear Wheel 28" Disc CL 142/12mm TA 18mm Shimano 11-speed Light, grå

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate performance wheelset, your search ends with the PRC 1100 DICUT. At the heart of this wheel is an aerodynamically optimized hub with SINC ceramic bearings, which ensure low friction and maximum speed. High-quality straightpull aero spokes and the reliable Ratchet System ensure efficient riding. The PRC 1100 DICUT offers the perfect blend of comfort, grip and low weight. Its wide, stiff rim provides unparalleled acceleration. If we haven’t already convinced you, the exclusive carbon hub version will.

SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4), an extremely tough and wear- and corrosion-resistant ceramic material. The bearing rings are made from a specially developed steel alloy, which is adapted to the properties of the specific ceramic material used and are precision ground. This combination reduces the rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and guarantees greater durability than conventional ball bearings. But it is not just the bearing itself that is conceived as a system. It's only by using tolerances within a few thousandths of a millimeter and precisely tuning the tolerances of DT Swiss hub bearing seats that SINC ceramic bearings deliver their full potential and offer the decisive advantage over competing products.

The engagement angle is the degree to which a hub spins freely before transfering the riders power to the wheel. The smaller the angle, the faster the leg power reaches the ground. It is important to know though, that there are limits on the minimally possible angle, as the reliability of the freewheel system partially depends on the angle too. What makes the Ratchet System hubs truly unique, is the fact that all teeth of the two ratchets engage simultaneously every time. Pawl hubs in comparison engage only a couple pawls simultaneously. Furthermore, in the case of pawl hubs, the contact surface is rather small, whereas in the case of the Ratchet System, the whole front face engages, creating much smaller point loads. The result is the legendary reliability of the Ratchet System hubs and distinctive sound as the star ratchets rotate against each other!

Tubeless tires have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tire: Without risking snakebites, the tire can be run with lower pressures providing better grip. The lower pressure also results in a more comfortable ride. Eliminating the tube means there is no friction between tube and tire and therefore less rolling resistance when the tire rolls over the ground and obstacles. If tubeless milk is used, the tire can self seal stings and small cuts. A big advantage for all those who like to ride for long and far away from the next bikeshop. Tubeless ready DT Swiss rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tire to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that‘s needed. Also the elaborate profile of DT Swiss rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tire even when ridden hard.


  • Freewheel body Shimano RD 11 SP Light ASLS11
  • Freewheel system: Ratchet System 36 SL
  • Nipples: DT Pro Lock hidden aluminium
  • ASTM Classification: 1
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Tilsigtet brug
Racer, Endurance
Baghjul 12x142
Materiale: CarbonDesign: Hollow chamberProfilhøjde: medium (30 - 50 mm)Højde: 35 mmdæktype: Trådkantsdæk/ClincherBremsesystem: SkivebremseVentilboring: 6,5 mmTubeless-egnet: jaBredde: 25 mmindvendig bredde: 18 mmStørrelse (i tommer): 28 tommer
Type: DT Swiss 240Installation bredde: 142 mmAkse diameter: 12 mmAntal gear: 11Antal eger: 24
Design: DT aero comLacing: Straightpull, 2-cross (1:1)
konstrueret til Bremsetype: ---
konstrueret til Bremsetype: Center Lock-skivebremserVægt: 788 g
Maks. totalbelastning: 110 kg
Leveringsomfang: 1x wheel + tubeless tape 21 mm, IS 6-hole adapter road, Sram XDR road freewheel set, 5 mm end stop set, tubeless valve & inflation set, wheel bag


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