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Ekar Pro-Tech Kranksæt 13-trins 40T

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    175mm - Udsolgt
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Campagnolo Ekar Pro-Tech Kranksæt 13-trins 40T

The crankset is the heart of the new 1x Ekar system, with its optimised gearing ratios, sensitively spaced across a wide range.

Of course, the single chainring is simple to use – no front mech, significantly reduced weight, fewer moving parts to collect dirt or clog, and providing high chain security, with no wasteful gearing overlap – perfect for gravel riding and racing. The unidirectional carbon fiber cranks feature a strong, durable 630-grade steel alloy crank axle – following the maxim of smartly mating strength and light weight that is employed across the Ekar groupset. New ProTech™ technology joins the two semi-axles inside the bottom bracket, with a single, oversized bolt. Oversized stainless steel bearing sit on the crank, fixed on the semi-axles, for maximum smoothness and strength – and easily accessible for inspection and maintenance without the requirement to extract the cups.

There are four ring size options: Adventure has 38 teeth; Pure Gravel is 40T, Fast Gravel is 42T, and eGravel 44T. Their narrow-wide design provides efficient drive and maximum chain security. The light, strong 7075 aluminum rings are easily interchangeable – you can simply unbolt them from the four spider arms with no requirement for crank disassembly. The four arms, which are asymmetrically set for optimal spread of the torque load, feature a 123mm Bolt Circle Diameter. Swapping rings is an easy and efficient way to switch out your gearing as you tackle different types of riding. The Ekar crankset features four arm length options – 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm – to suit riders of all sizes and styles. For some gravel bikes featuring low bottom bracket heights, shorter crank arms are a popular choice to avoid grounding on loose and unpredictable surfaces. A narrow 145.5mm Q-factor makes for a comfortable, efficient pedalling style, whatever your size. The UD carbon arms come with neat, removable protective end caps, to keep your components looking like new, whatever terrain you tackle.

Patented dual-sealing ProTech technology securely connects the two semi-axles inside the bottom bracket, and protects the BB bearings from ingress of water and mud, providing longevity of high performance, even in the worst riding conditions. A gravel-orientated development from Campagnolo's innovative and proven Ultra-Torque technology, the ProTech system's central Hirth joint features self-centring and self-aligning frontal teeth located in the middle of the crank where the ends of the integrated semi-axles meet.

The axles are fixed together with a single, protected oversized bolt, their precise pairing can even overcome the fractional misalignment that some carbon frames can include thanks to the tiny differences in tolerance in their manufacture. The ProTech crank system's torque transmission is as efficient as a single piece axle, and it's lighter. And, being better protected than other systems, it is also more durable. Oversized stainless steel bearing sit on the crank, outside the BB shell, for maximum stiffness, smoothness and strength thanks to greater axle rigidity from the increased axle diameter.


  • Only compatible with IC21 or OC21 shells
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Tilsigtet brug
Designet til elcykler
Antal kæde klinger: 1 klingeVidde: 42 tænder
Kompatibilitet: 13-speedDesign: 4-armetAkse klemme/holder: Ultra TorquePCD: 123 mm, CampagnoloKæde: 45.5 mm
Q-factor: 146 mm
Pedalarm(e): Ultra-Torque axle halves made of AISI 630 steel and UD carbon crank arms
615 g
Leveringsomfang: 1x crank set with bearing without shells



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