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Diamante Disc Ultegra, rød

ID: 1403406

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Basso Diamante Disc Ultegra, rød

Billedet afviger! Der henvises til de nøjagtige specifikationer i produktbeskrivelsen

In nature, the diamond is created through years of pressure, resulting in a precious jewel whose beauty and timelessness knows no rival. The Basso Diamante is also the result of years of hard work, research and pressure to create the best road bike, timeless not only in performance and reliability, but also in shape and beauty.

Handcrafted, in Italy, by Basso, the Diamante is a true representation of what a classy, authentic Italian road bike should be. Using only the finest high modulus carbon fibre from Toray, Basso's engineers have developed a frame that offers efficient performance and will stand up to any terrain. Tube shapes and carbon layering allow for a responsive frame with a bottom bracket flex of just 0.4mm and a head tube torsion of an astonishingly low 0.2mm. This represents a 50% improvement over previous models. The new frame, available in both disc and rim versions, has been optimised for up to 28 mm tyres, further increasing the Diamante's versatility.

The provenBasso geometry is joined by a sleek front end that allows the flexible rider to adopt an extremely aggressive position while allowing the more upright rider to maintain a more compact front end. If looks are good, then the Diamante has won the battle, as every fibre is designed to move faster and more efficiently. Its shape is an example of undeniable Italian design and class. Functional beauty and functionality: Basso Diamante.

The Diamante follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. They all belong to the category of desirable road bikes. The classic lines, impeccable geometry and rounded tube shapes meet a totality that aims to provide race-winning performance that lasts to create the perfect tool for the trade, no matter where, how or over what terrain you ride.

More than meets the eye
A competition frame eliminates all superfluous design elements and focuses on its core purpose: racing. The elegant and minimalist design hides the story of an extremely complex design. The finest materials, carefully crafted and hand-laid after careful studies of material and shape behavior, give the frame a performance ride that quickly overcomes the emotions of even the most demanding cyclist.

Ride like no other
Stable, responsive, efficient and manageable as if it had four wheels instead of two, the Diamante is a versatile road racing bike that can be used anywhere and in any type of racing situation. Great geometry and fantastic craftsmanship, combined with quality materials, add the details to its exceptionally versatile performance. The curved fork stands out from the conventional design and provides plenty of stability.

Integrated Front-End
The head tube/top tube connection offers another example of unconventional design, as it allows the headset to sit under the top tube for not only a better ride, but also a cleaner aesthetic.

3B Clamp System
While integrated seatpost clamps are not uncommon, Basso's development goes beyond simply holding the seatpost in the desired position. Capable of absorbing vibrations, the 3B Seatpost Clamp is also one of the most elegant and effective solutions available.


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Tilsigtet brug
Racer, Aero
Herrer, Damer
Samlet antal gear
8.2 kg
Pedaler medfølger: nej
Design: RaceMaterialetype: Carbonyderligere funktioner: Diamante
Design: Stiv gaffelMateriale: Carbon-Carbon
Drevtype: DerailleurAntal gear: 11Mærke: ShimanoType: Ultegra
Version: 2-speedModel: Shimano Ultegra 8020
Model: Shimano Ultegra 8020
Model: Shimano Ultegra 8020Gearhjul 1: 50 tænderGearhjul 2: 34 tænder
Model: Shimano Ultegra 8020
Kombination (tænder): 11-32 tænderModel: Shimano Ultegra 8020
Mærke: ShimanoType: UltegraBremsesystem: Hydraulisk skivebremse
Mærke: ShimanoType: UltegraBremsesystem: Hydraulisk skivebremse
Model: Shimano Ultegra 8020
Design: RacerstyrModel: Microtech Quantum Carbon Compact
Design: A-HeadModel: Diamante-stamme -11 °Materiale: Aluminium
Basso bånd, sort
Selle Italia Flite Boost TM Superflow
Design: Patent postType: Diamante (-25 mm forskydning)Materiale: Carbon
Model: Microtech MR LITE, aluminium
Størrelse (i tommer): 28Dækbredde: 28 mmModel: Kontinental GP5000
Størrelse (i tommer): 28Dækbredde: 28 mmModel: Kontinental GP5000
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