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assos Equipe RSR S9 Bibshorts Herrer, black series (2020)

ID: 928017
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2.089 kr.
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En dansk tekst om denne vare er desværre ikke tilgængelig på dette tidspunkt.

In order to create shorts that would deliver the highest possible performance, assos had to rethink the concept as a whole and eliminate the components that did not contribute to the primary goal. The primary goal was to reach the unparalleled level where speed and absolute comfort become one. Mission accomplished. May I introduce you? The Equipe RSR shorts S9.

In the toughest racing environments, it was found that even the most advanced upholstery inserts are only as good as the frame that supports them. Think of the wear a pair of shorts from a World Tour rider is exposed to on a daily basis: offensive riding around corners, abrupt changes between different road surfaces, constant changes between sitting and standing, and hours spent adjusting body position. All this affects the design of the shorts and the way the integrated cushion works, and ultimately the comfort they can offer you.

In order for assos to be able to effectively minimise these influences without adding weight, they first looked at the material itself for this RSR project. Assos was sure they were on the right track if they created a new material that would combine the perfect blend of compressive hold, durability, softness and lightest weight. The brand new Type.701 compressor material, the successor to the highly acclaimed S7 Campionissimo compressor material, is exactly that: a complex woven material that convinces in all areas. It's made of incredibly thin yarn with enormous elasticity, in a weave that's almost frictionless, giving you excellent comfort while providing optimal muscle support. In other words, the Type.701 material becomes your second skin and offers you superior support, breathability and a silky soft feel along the lumbar spine and thighs.

The material is responsible for the first phase of A-Lock Engineering, the new stabilizing system consisting of new process techniques that simultaneously stabilize the shorts and keep them in place. The pattern was next on the list. While the S7 generation was created with four fabric panels, the S9 generation features only two fabric panels: the primary "butterfly insert", which completely surrounds the legs and converges on the back to the new ergoBox structure. The design effectively prevents the insert from slipping and offers you an incredibly comfortable model that, in combination with the Type.701 material, achieves the best clickFit assos has ever developed.

You'll find that the rollBar used in the RS version is not processed in this model, saving some weight and focusing entirely on the holding properties of the material that further stabilize these shorts. The straps have also been redesigned using calibrated stretch, while the back has a single section of elastic material folded over itself to form an A-shape at the back. To ensure an increased level of stability, it offers a short vertical stretch. At the front, a more flexible material has been used to create the fabric, which features an antibacterial carbon fabric that wicks away moisture and lies flat on the back.

Assos has also focused on the proven Equipe Evo cushion, which has been optimised to deliver even better performance in tough racing conditions. The surface was reduced to save additional weight, and then the superAir microShock foam with 3D waffle and the kraterCooler system were implemented to increase air exchange and fix the insert to the back with the patented horizontal stabilizer. The result? The comfort characteristic of ASSOS, but stabilised like never before!


Tilsigtet brug
Road / MTB Race  
Normal (regular)  
Med seler: ja
Med inderbukser: Nej
Sædepolstret: ja
68% polyamid, 32% elastan  
søm: sømløst skridt, Sømløse seler, Ingen søm mellem ben, Low-friction-syninger
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