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Twist Five VLM+ Cykelbriller, sort

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Alpina Twist Five VLM+ Cykelbriller, sort

It protects and protects and protects - the Twist is one of the best-selling sports glasses on the market. And not without reason: since its introduction, it has set standards in terms of wearing comfort, adaptation and design. Twist Zero was the name of the first model in 2005. Sport glasses are now in their fifth generation - and the Twist Five VLM+ continues their own success story.

The full frame version Twist Five VLM+ is equipped with the high-end lens technology Varioflex and at the same time offers contemporary style. This gives them an enormous field of application and makes them outstanding sports glasses for every light and weather condition. The lenses optimally adjust the tint to the lighting conditions (photochromatic). They cover the protection levels Cat. 1 to 3.

Fogstop prevents the lenses from fogging up, water and dirt roll off more easily thanks to the hydrophobic coating. With the inclinable temples, the glasses can be individually adapted to the shape of the face. Thanks to the mirror coating, infrared rays are reflected, 100% UV protection is provided. The Twist Five VLM+ is the perfect pair of glasses - for any weather, for any sport.

Varioflex is a lens technology in which the lenses adapt automatically to the weather. The self-tinting (photochromic) lenses react either to UV light (for glasses with protection level S 1-3) or to visible light (S 1-4). When irradiated, chemical elements open and produce a flat, darkening effect. If the light intensity decreases, the chemical elements close and the panes become brighter again. This process takes place in a matter of seconds. So they have glasses, which adapt themselves to the constantly changing light conditions.

Fogstop is a coating on the inside of the lenses that is not smooth but rough. This means that the drops have no possibility to form a closed layer, i.e. to fog up and thus obscure the view.

Hydrophobic Lens
The hydrophobic, i.e. moisture-repellent, nanostructure of the pane allows water to simply roll off in a matter of seconds and takes the dirt on it with it. The pane is not only clean, but also dries at lightning speed.

Adaptable Nosepad
Cold adjustable, rubberized nose pads allow optimal adaptation to any nose width and shape. The rubber coating effectively prevents slipping and guarantees a secure fit.

Adjustable Inclination
Thanks to adjustable temple joints, the glasses can be tilted away from the forehead during the sweaty uphill. Downhill tilting to the forehead reduces draughts. For sports with a fog-free view at all times.

2 Component Design
The combination of hard frame, soft, rubberized temple ends and nose pads increases the wearing comfort and fit of the glasses.

Optimized Airflow
A strongly curved eyeglass lens in combination with an indirect air flow guide ensures draught-free and fog-free vision even during fast outdoor sports.

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Protection Level

Protection Index enligt Standard EN1938 

0 - For cloudy days the lens is colourless 

1 - Suitable for weak sunlight through an otherwise cloudy sky 

2 - Medium lenses for normal sunlight 

3 - Strong sunlight (alpine and marine), often dark lenses 

4 - High Alpine and marine environment. Very dark lenses, not suitable for driving!


Tilsigtet brug
MTB-begynder/Tour, Maraton/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Allround / Begynder, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro, Racer, Cyclocross, Gravel, Endurance, Alpint skiløb, Alpint skiløb - Offpiste, Langrend/Nordics, Ski Touring, Snowboarding, Snesko, Bådudstyr, Trailløb, Løb
Herrer, Damer
ramme: 14.0 cm wide / 5.0 cm highNasenberreich: Tilpasningsbar næsepudeBrillestang: 5,0 cmventilation: Optimized Airflow
spejlet, fotokromisk
1-3: 8-80 % lystransmission
glasfarve: blåBeskyttelsesniveau: 1-3: 8 - 80 % lysgennemgang100% UV-beskyttelse: jaDetaljer: Skridsikker overflade, med automatisk linsefarveflere egenskaber: Ubrydelig infrarød beskyttelse
30 g


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Alpina Twist Five VLM+ Cykelbriller, sort sort
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