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Shimano Deore XT M8100 Priority Pack incl. Hubs 1x12-speed, black/silver (2020)

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Deore XT 1x12
The first mountain bike component group ever continues its success story based on endurance and performance seamlessly and meets the demands of modern mountain bikers looking for fun and adventure like no other.

1x12-speed cranks
The new XT 1x12-speed cranks are characterised by DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT + technology, whose special high-precision tooth profile ensures that the chain finds optimum grip on the upper part of the chainring on rough terrain, but detaches equally well from the chainring at the bottom, thus ensuring efficiency, smoothness and low noise of the drive. The cranks are equipped with a direct-mount system for quick and safe assembly of the chainrings, enabling chainrings to be changed in no time at all. The crank is available in boost and non-boost specifications.

The XT cassettes are available in 10-45Z or 10-51Z options. Do you want the gear jumps to be as small as possible? Then the 10-45 cassette is the first choice. Or is it necessary to cover as wide a bandwidth as possible? Then it should be the 10-51Z version. Both feature HYPERGLIDE+ technology, which guarantees high shifting speed, precision and smoothness during both up and down shifts and contributes to an extremely quiet drive train. The cassettes have an aluminium spider construction, and even the two largest sprockets are made of aluminium, contributing to weight reduction as well as robustness and durability.

The XT HYPERGLIDE+ chain has been optimized from the ground up and is an integral part of the new powertrain. With its high precision formed contact surfaces to chainring and cassette teeth, it provides fast, precise and smooth shifting in both directions even under highest load. Chrome-plated inner plates further noticeably increase durability.

Rear derailleur
With one version each for 1-speed and 2-speed systems, the XT rear derailleurs ensure fast and precise gear changes over an enormous transmission range. Guide and tension pulleys with 13 teeth and a rubber damper dampen noise and increase driving comfort. They also improve the grip of the chain and all conceivable conditions. The rear derailleurs are available as RD-M8100-SGS for 1x12-speed systems with 10-51Z cassettes and as RD-M8120-SGS for 2x12-speed systems with 10-45Z cassettes.

Shift lever right
The I-SPEC EV lever offers a maximum of individual ergonomics with an adjustment range in lateral (more than 14 mm) and rotational direction. Rubber contact surfaces and 2-WAY-RELEASE technology make shifting comfortable and easy.

Shift lever left
The RAPIDFIRE Plus MONO lever with its rubber contact surfaces guarantees unprecedented front shifting comfort. The front derailleur shifts to the large chainring at the push of a lever, another push releases the lock and the front derailleur shifts back. Easier, lighter and faster than ever before.

The new DEORE XT comes with a four-piston Trail/Enduro brake. The new design of the brake lever, which is mounted at an angle to support itself at two points on the handlebar, significantly increasing stiffness, provides more direct feedback and braking performance, which is further enhanced by SERVO WAVE technology. The braking systems are therefore characterized by faster response, higher performance and shorter empty travel.

Gearhåndtag, Krank, Klinge(r), Bagskifter, Kæde, Kassette, Bremse(r), Bremseskive(r), Hubs
Indhold / levering
1x shifting group including hubs + Shimano cap & cup  
Deore XT  
Geartrin foran: 1-speed
Geartrin bagved: 12-speed
Bagskifter bur
Design: Lang  
Tandkombination (foran): 32  tænder
Tandkombination (bagpå): 10-51  
Kompatibilitet: Mekanisk  
type: Hydrauslisk skive  
Deore XT, FC-M8120-1, 175 mm, black  
Deore XT FC-M8100 1-speed, steel/carbon fibre reinforced plastic/aluminium  
Deore XT RD-M8100 12-speed, long, direct mount, black  
Deore XT SL-M8100 I-Spec EV, right, 12-speed, I-Spec EV, black, 117 g  
Deore XT CS-M8100 12-speed, 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51  
CN-M8100 12-speed with chain lock, 126 links  
Installationsbredde (mm): 110 mm
Aksediameter - foran (mm): 15 mm
Type: Deore XT HB-M8110-B Center-Lock, 32 holes, quick-release axle, black
Type: Deore XT FH-M8110-B, 12-speed center lock, 32 holes, thru axle, black, 308 g
Akse diameter: 148 mm
Installation bredde: 15 mm
Deore XT M8120, HR, I-Spec EV, PM, H03A Resin m. Cooling fins / Deore XT M8120, VR, I-Spec EV, PM, H03A Resin m. Cooling fins  
Monteringstype: Center Lock  
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