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Nye cykler - 2019-modeller nu på lager
Rudy Project

Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller sort (2019)

1.329 kr.
Inkl. moms, Gratis levering
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller sort
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller gul
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller hvid
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller grå/sort
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller rød
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller sort
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller grå
Rudy Project Fotonyk Cykelbriller sort
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The Fotonyk are dynamic glasses designed and perfected for the most demanding sportsmen and women incorporating many technologies. One of these makes Fotonyk unique: the Bumpers. These are inserts that maximise face protection in the event of bumps or falls while allowing the athlete to customise the style of the glasses. The bumpers are made of soft and durable polymer integrated into the frame with a practical system that makes them easy to remove, giving the glasses a more essential look. Replacement bumpers are available in various colours so that athletes can design their glasses as they wish.

Innovative technology
The Fotonyk impress with their innovative design that combines lightweight technology with energy. These glasses also represent a further development in terms of comfort: Openings positioned above the orbit where the heat collects and the "Vent Controller" system allow the best possible control of the air flow inside the glasses with a simple click. The air flows in and out through channels integrated in the brackets, which reduces aerodynamic resistance, prevents fogging and guarantees a clear view. Finally, the new Ergonose X nose bridge makes the glasses fit comfortably on a variety of face shapes.

Adjustable nosepieces
The Ergonose nosepiece, consisting of a deformable metal core covered with thermoplastic elastomer, guarantees optimum adaptability and the best non-slip fit. This also helps to counteract fogging of the lenses.

Safety Project
Rudy Project products are designed for use in sports and offer optimum optical performance and comfort. Rudy Project is committed to the highest safety standards by using integrated hinges and deformable plastics to minimise injuries from falling or impact.

Integrated ventilation
No fogging, crystal clear vision: pull-out lenses provide additional intelligent ventilation as required.

Inserts that maximize face protection during bumps or falls while allowing the athlete to customize the style of the glasses. The bumpers are made of soft and durable polymer.

Polar 3FX HDR Lenses
After years of intensive research, Rudy Project has updated its Polar3FX technology to take its vision to the next level. Rudy Project offers comfortable and mirrored coloured lenses that perfectly match sports and everyday life. Polar 3FX technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare by selectively filtering non-harmful wavelengths through the lens. Polar3FX lenses filter glare from car headlights, sunlight and refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces such as water and snow. In addition, the new Polar3FX lenses feature a High Dynamic Range (HDR) filter that enhances the colour experience and provides exceptional visual performance. By matching specific light wavelengths and optimising the color spectrum, Polar 3FX HDR lenses are designed to maximise safety and improve visual attention and color recognition in sports and everyday life.


  • Unbreakable glasses
  • Frame made of very resistant, antiallergic, high-quality, lightweight thermoplastics
Tilsigtet brug
ramme: grilamid
Gletscheregnet: nej
Nasenberreich: Adjustable nose bridge
Vekselkonstruktion: ja
tonet, spejlet, polariseret
3: 8-18 % lystransmission  
glasfarve: Grey laser
Beskyttelsesniveau: 3: 8 - 18 % Lysgennemgang
Detaljer: With polarisation technology
flere egenskaber: Polar 3FX HDR
27.5  g
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