Rotor 3D+ INPOWER Krank 110 mm sort (2016)

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Due to its position inside the frame, INpower is available in any 30mm Rotor crank for MTB, road, and triathlon/TT, which affords mountain bikers, 'cross racers, and triathletes the same pursuit of physiological gains historically enjoyed by road cyclists. With a nod toward Rotor's flagship Q-Rings, INpower features TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analysis, which help cyclists precisely and accurately assess force variations in their pedal stroke. TORQUE 360 and OCA values enable cyclists to orient their Q-Rings around their distinct pedaling characteristics in order to take advantage of their most productive zone.
INpower uses a standard AA battery and is equipped with the UBB30 axle system, a 30 mm diameter axle that is compatible with almost all standard frames in the market. Because it's centered in the crank axle, INpower achieves cleaner data transfer and greater accuracy via ANT+ protocol without succumbing to interruptions and temperature fluctuations. Sophisticated metrics like Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness determine total torque versus positive torque and average power versus maximum power respectively.
  • Q-factor: 148 mm
  • without chain rings, inner bearings and battery
  • regular firmware updates
  • Evaluation software which can be downloaded
  • 5-hole, 2 panel
  • Battery life: up to 300 hours
  • Vandtæt
  • Measurement: Power, cadence, torque efficiency, round step
  • Varenummer: 507354

Køn Unisex
Tilsigtet brug Racercykel
Krank PCD : 110 mm | Kæde : 43.5 mm
powermeter ja
Vægt (g) 525 g
Modelår 2016
Varenummer 507354
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