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CAMPAGNOLO Record Krank 50/34 tænder 11-speed, black (2020)

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En dansk tekst om denne vare er desværre ikke tilgængelig på dette tidspunkt.

Record: a guarantee of performance and quality since time immemorial.

The Record group has had countless sporting successes in the professional world and is now ready to launch its latest "revolution”. It impatiently waits to take on new challenges, as it has already won the biggest one: performance. A shifting process with the greatest effort is no longer a problem with the new Record shifting group. If you notice that the chain has changed from the small chainring to the large one, you might think that you are just using an electronic EPS drive system! The same applies to the super-fast, smooth, fluid and noiseless shifting process.

Now it's up to you to set the record!

The Record crankset was designed to transfer the entire power of the cyclist to the drive wheel: Maximum torsional rigidity of the system, the best "U" and "Q" factors of the category and full carbon pedal cranks in unidirectional design. But the real surprise comes with the first operation of the front derailleur: The special design of the XPSS chainring up/down shift zones ensures extremely precise, fast and delay-free shifting. Shifting the chain with the front derailleur is no longer a problem, even under extreme conditions.

X.P.S.S. Extreme Performance Shifting System
X.P.S.S. describes a project with a precise objective: to give the new Campagnolo 11-speed derailleur gears the best possible performance. the Campy Tech Lab hit the bull's eye once again. the new design of the chain up and down zones has been researched down to the last detail using mathematical calculations that simulate the possible chain movements on the sprockets and outline their ideal angles. The new design of the chain up and down zones has been developed with the help of a series of mathematical calculations that simulate the possible chain movements on the sprockets and outline their ideal angles. In addition, repeated laboratory tests on the speed and precision of the derailleur performance have resulted in a final optimisation. The profile of the sprocket teeth has been revised to improve their performance and create a perfect match with the 11 Speed chain and the derailleur, whose intelligent profile design accompanies the chain movement quickly and precisely, even under extreme loads.The secret of this amazing success lies in the perfect combination and integration of all the drive components: each one has been designed to work perfectly with the others, so that you can enjoy the extraordinary performance that the new X.P.S.S. offers. System offers.

Lightweight, striffness, simplified assembly and maintenance: Ultra-Torque
Campagnolo has ensured that the two halves of the bottom bracket axle are inseparably connected to the respective crank arms. This new development has made it possible to considerably reduce the lateral protrusion of the frame at axle height and thus prevent unwanted contact with the ankle during pedal movement. Their assembly is extremely simple, a single oversize screw is used to firmly connect the two halves of the axle to each other. With regard to the effectiveness of the torque transmission, this system can withstand comparison with a one-piece axle.

In addition, despite the narrow side profile, the bearings were positioned outside the bottom bracket housing so that the axle (which had a larger diameter) became stiffer thanks to the increased support width. These characteristics were achieved by using Ultra-Torque. This is based on the Hirth spur gearing, an ingenious mechanical system resulting from many years of experience in motor construction in the field of couplings for rotary axes and motor shafts.

This is basically a coupling connection with self-centering and self-aligning spur teeth, which is arranged in the centre of the inner bearing axle where the ends of the axle halves firmly connected to the crank arms touch each other.

USB - ultra smooth bearings
Absolutely smooth surfaces and low friction reduce energy loss in the best possible way. Add to that the reduced weight and improved corrosion resistance and you'll understand why Campagnolo can offer the best of the best with USB. All your power is losslessly transferred to the road.

Campagnolo has always been respected for the extreme smoothness and reliability of its hubs. These characteristics are due to the fact that all projects are developed in the R&D department of Campy Tech Lab and every detail is given almost manic care. The hubs with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings further increase the smoothness of the wheels and reduce weight and maintenance. Comparative tests have shown that USB bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings. An increase in your competition performance or even a ride with your friends is now made easier.

Tilsigtet brug
Antal kæde klinger: 2 klinger
Vidde: 50/34 tænder
Kompatibilitet: 11-speed
Design: 4-armet
Akse klemme/holder: Power Torque
PCD: uden låsering mm, Campagnolo
627  g
Ultra Torque med lejer, uden lejeskaller  
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